Getting Free Robux In Roblox Is Not That Hard

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Knowing More About The Item To Purchase By Roblox Features

If you thought that roblox hack tool, which is seldom used by good developers and game players, was the only helpful feature of the game, then think again. When you want to purchase an item in the game, you will come to know all about it with the help of the Item Details page. You can tap on the specific item about which you want to know more while browsing through the Catalog or through anyone else’s inventory which will take you to the Item Details page.

Title And Category of Roblox Products

You can come to know about the item title and category when you get to the Item Details page which will help you to know more about the item that you want to purchase.

  • The name of the item will be available at the upper left-hand side of the page just above the image of the specific item.
  • Below the name, you will know the category in which the specific item falls into.
  • You will come to know whether or not the item is a Roblox gear or a shirt, a model or a decal.

Get 3D Image Free

Apart from knowing about the item, you can also get an idea of how the specific Roblox item will look like in the game by displaying it in the 3D version.

  • Click on the 3D button on the lower right-hand side of the image, and you will get a rotating 3D model of the item to view it better.
  • To control the default spinning of the item you can click and drag it to rotate it manually to see it from all possible angles of your choice.
  • The mouse wheel will enable you to zoom in or out as well. You can get it back to 2D model by clicking again on the 3D button.

Information And Description

To get all other relevant information and description of the item you have to make a few clicks here and there so that you know what to buy and at what cost. I wish we can get free robux so that everything will be easy to play.

  • Looking at the right side of the image you will come to know about the information about the item as the name of the creator and avatar, creation date and last time updated.
  • Below it you will find the description of the item and if the default space is not enough to fit in the long description, click on more to read more about it.
  • Below it you will find the genre of the item. With this information, you come to know in which game you can use the item.

Cost And Purchasing 

At the right side, you will see a gray box which will give you all the info about purchasing the item including the price on top of it. If you have enough balance, you can click on the buy button. If you find that the buy button is faded that means that the item is not available anymore. Remember, at all times you should have enough currency and robux so that you can purchase anything you like and want anytime.

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